May 28, 2012

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Car Safety on the Cheap

My previous car seat post did not mention the fact that  I was seeking a 5-pt harness booster seat for a larger child- oops.  I know that many of you out there reading this blog might be looking for a car seat for an actual baby, which is an entirely different matter.

My Child Passenger Safety Technician friend Nichole shared a post from the car seat blog with a comparison of different car seats under 100 dollars.  If that interests you, then please click here.  As she says, ” no need to buy used when there are nice seats out there under $100 that will last. DO NOT BUY USED SEATS”.  Why, you ask?  Well, you cannot look at a car seat and tell if it has been in a wreck; but if it has, then it has done its job and must be thrown away.  You cannot ensure it has the proper strength and integrity after an impact.  The damage does not have to be visible to affect the functioning of the seat.  Also,  you need to have the manual to know how to properly use it, as well as when it expires.

Please note that many of the car seats listed are somewhat difficult to install.  Make sure that you consult with a technician about your seat.  Whether or not you think you need help, they have something to teach you, I promise.

If you would like free safety tech support via email, you may contact my friend Nichole at nicholetreas(at) .  If you do, make sure to thank her, as she spends her free time trying to help us keep our children safe for no compensation.  ;)

Also, pay attention to the goings on in your community.  In mine, there are very often events at the police or fire stations, even the local Toys R Us or Walmart where you can get a safety technician to inspect your seat and installation.

When you do buy a seat, make sure you get your rewards from ebates, shop at home, mypoints, or swagbucks!  More about that here.


Remember to keep those babies rear facing as long as possible and in a 5 point harness as long as you can!

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